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Get Your Sneak Preview of My New HOT Novel, "A Thug's Redemption", along with my 2 upcoming novels, "A Thug's Redemption 2: Jamal's Return", and "Obsessive Intimacies". These sneak previews are in ebook format and can been read on PC, Laptops, Tablets Android & iPhone Devices. Enjoy!

Read the Prologue along with the first chapter to "A Thug's Redemption", for free.
When Jamal decides to take matters into his own hands by avenging his best friend's murder, he is forced into the street life and forever in debt to his cousin, Samir, one of Philadelphia's biggest drug lords. After finding love and separating himself from the game, fate comes into play when a desperate act by his younger brother, Shawn, brings back the haunting night from Jamal's past. Secrets are revealed and Jamal is forced back into the street life to save himself as well as his brother. In this story about love, friendship, and the dangers of North Philly streets, Jamal will soon learn that mistakes are hard to clean up...and will cost him dearly in the end.
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Get your sneak preview of "A Thug's Redemption 2: Jamal's Return".
After being away from his neighborhood for more than 9 years and finding a career as a Wilmington Delaware Police Detective, Jamal is lured back to North Philly when a shoot-out erupts, killing one of his best friends. A Detective, who becomes familiar with Jamal's past unravels shocking truths about drugs, dirty cops, and their role in a drug war that is claiming lives in a North Philly neighborhood, daily. Jamal is blackmailed and forced into a position to possibly take down his cousin Samir. Will he return to his life from the past, or honor his badge? In this urban sequel, all bets are off!
A Thug's Redemption 2: Jamal's Return

Sex, Secrets, Lies & Obsession. Markel and Tierra have it all; great careers, money, stability, love and most importantly; a family. Troubles on the inside become knowledge to the wrong people on the outside, and secret affairs turns into a deadly obsession. Read your sneak preview NOW!
Obsessive Intimacies


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